Ideal Isar He30 Plate Heat Exchanger 175418

Price: £79.20
Price without VAT: £66.00
Vat amount: £13.20

Ideal Plate Heat Exchanger 175418, Note the manufacturer modified the boilers below halfway through production. If you have either an Ideal Isar HE30 or Ideal Evo C22-30 model you will need to obtain your serial number as there are 2 possible plate heat exchangers that fit your boiler.If your boiler serial number as letters starting with the letters XF or later for example XF123456 or YY123456 you will require this plate heat exchanger. If your boiler serial number as letters that preceed the letters XF for example ST123456 you require part number 170995. Please click on the link below to view this plate heat exchanger.