Ideal Isar He 24, Evo Plate Heat Exchanger 173544

Price: £95.94
Price without VAT: £79.95
Vat amount: £15.99

Ideal Plate Heat Exchanger 173544, note this plate heat exchanger fits your boiler if the serial number on your boiler is prefixed by letters before xf for example pf123456 if the letters on your serial number are prefixed with the letters xf and beyond for example yf123456 then you will require part number 175417

This is an OEM Part

The term OEM stands for "Original Equipment Manufacturer" this part is an original part and was bought from the Original manufacturer of the part.

What does that really mean?
The part was made by a company for a boiler manufacturer such as Wocester Bosch, Baxi, Glowworm etc.

Below is an example:

•    Gas Valves on most British Gas Boilers are made by Honeywell, Sit, White Rogers etc. This means that these manufacturers are the OEM for the Boiler Manufacturers, so as long as the original part is purchased (Honeywell, Sit, White Rogers) from the OEM it can be sold as an original OEM product.

OEM parts are also referred to as After Market Parts.

Product Fits Ideal Evo He C22/24
Ideal Isar He24