Ideal Isar M30100, Icos M3080 Pcb 172490

Price: £264.38
Price without VAT: £220.32
Vat amount: £44.06
Description Ideal Printed Circuit Board 172490: Please read the following information so you can obtain the correct part for you Ideal boiler.This printed circuit board is required if the letters on your boiler serial number begin with the letter T or have a letter that is after the letter T (e.g. TR123456 or UB123456). If the letters on your boiler serial number are pre-fixed by letters before the letter T then you require printed circuit board kit (157984 if you have an Ideal Classic M3050, M3080 or Icos M3080) or (157928 if you have an Ideal Isar M30100) Please click on the link provided below if you require one of the printed circuit board kits. If you require this part then please add it to your basket.
Product Fits Ideal Classic M 3050
Ideal Classic M 3080
Ideal Icos M3080
Ideal Isar M30100