Ideal Isar, Icos, Fan 172625

Price: £133.39
Price without VAT: £111.16
Vat amount: £22.23

Ideal Fan Assembly 172625: This fan fits all the boilers below with the exeption of the the Ideal Isar M30100 & Ideal Icos M3080 because these 2 boilers were modified halfway through production by the manufacturer. This as resulted in there being 2 fan assembly's that can fit theses 2 boilers (Ideal Isar M30100 & Ideal Icos M3080). If your boiler is an Ideal Isar M30100 or Ideal Icos M3080 then please check your serial number. If your serial number starts with letters TV or later for example TV123456 or VB123456 you require this fan if the serial number starts with letters that preceed TV for example SP123456 then the fan you require is 170909. Please click on the link below to view this fan.

Product Fits Fits: Ideal Evo He C22/24
Ideal Evo He C22/30
Ideal Evo He H12
Ideal Evo He H16
Ideal Evo He H19
Ideal Evo He H22
Ideal Icos He12
Ideal Icos He15
Ideal Icos He18
Ideal Icos He24
Ideal Icos M3080
Ideal Icos System He24
Ideal Isar He24
Ideal Isar He30
Ideal Isar M30100