Ideal Isar, Diverter Valve (Motor) 173628

Price: £95.94
Price without VAT: £79.95
Vat amount: £15.99

Ideal Diverter Valve Motor 173628, Please check the colour of the diverter valve head/motor in your boiler. if the colour of the diverter valve head in your boiler is grey then this is the head you require and is a honeywell VC6012. if your boiler has a red diverter valve head then the head you require is part number 173969 (honeywell VJ6012), if the diverter valve head is black in your boiler then you require part number 174813.

Product Fits Ideal Evo He C22/24
Ideal Evo He C22/30
Ideal Evo He C22/35
Ideal Isar He24
Ideal Isar He30
Ideal Isar He35